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Dr. Smith's Bio

Dr. T. Scott Smith, arrived at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, in 2006, which still pursuing his doctorate degree in Educational Psychology from Texas A & M University.  In 2002, Dr. Smith transitioned from Instructor to Assistant Professor. In addition to having a Doctorate degree in Educational Psychology, he is also a Licensed Rehabilitation Counselor. As such, his professional and also research interest cover many distinct areas.
• He is primarily interested in how cell phone distraction affects the learning process, not only in the classroom, but also how applicable distractions may affect driving behaviors and eyewitness memory.
• Another area of interest is the effects of video game play on aggressive behaviors for children, adolescents, and adults.
• Lastly, he is also interested in how young children (3, 4, 5 years of age) process information, specifically reconstruction memory, and how these processes affect their ability to be (in)effective witnesses.
• Furthermore, areas of "fun" or further research interests include neurological assessment of head injury, false memory and emotion, medical malpractice and application of wages, and also judicial decision making.
• Dr. Smith welcomes the opportunity for students to be involved in his labs.  His office is located on the third floor of Girard Hall by the elevator. - See more at: