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General Information on Advising

Advising will help you to keep track of your progress in the psychology program. You will be assigned an academic advisor who will be your primary contact person for academic information and advice while you are enrolled in our program.

Find your advisor’s name and contact information on ULink.

Your advisor is available to assist you with preparing your schedule for the next semester during a two-week advising period in March for summer and fall semesters and October for spring semesters, respectively. Advisors can be available at others time to answer questions about career and grad school options, or to discuss your academic progress.

Before the regular advising period, your advisor will send out email reminders and put sign-up sheets on his/her office door or use certain online platforms for you to sign up for an appoitnment. Some advisors are participating in group advising; others may only be advising individually. Make sure you read all e-mail communication from your advisor carefully so you know what to do to prepare for advising. All students can prepare by looking up classes, looking at their degree works to see what classes are needed, and completing an advising form prior to their appointment. 

For those considering medical school, there is a Pre-Med Concentation for psychology majors that prepares them for taking the MCAT and meeting the requirements for entry to most medical schools.  Students who are interested in going into a medically related career (e.g. physician, physician's assistant, occupational therapist, physical therapists) should contact Dr. Brown at to discuss this option or other alternatives as soon as possible in their academic career.

Graduation: Degree Plan & Degree Application/Fees

Students with 80+ hours are encouraged to meet with their advisors to determine how close they are to graduating.  If close, you need to make an appointment with your advisor at the beginning of your second to last semester to complete a Degree Plan.  For the Degree Plan appointment with your advisor, you will need to complete the degree plan packet available on the Psychology Majors Moodle Site or from Psychology Department Office if you require physical documents.

Additionally, students close to graduating should submit a Degree Application on ULink (see instructions for this).  After applying for a degree, then you should go to your UL account to pay the Degree Fee.  Note that you will be insured priority scheduling if you pay the Degree Fee in a timely manner (i.e. before the deadline date specified in the Academic Calendar corresponding to your second to last semester).  Priority scheduling is absolutely necessary to guarantee that you are able to schedule the courses that you need to graduate.


All requests for overrides must be made to the Department Head at Please provide your name, your ULID, the course you would like to get into, and a justification for why you need the course. Overrides are issued at the discretion of the Department Head. Priority in granting override is given to graduating seniors.