Lay the Foundation

An undergraduate degree in psychology will prepare you for careers in social work, counseling, business, public affairs, and more.

With a strong foundation in a range of psychology sub-disciplines, research methods, and the effects of psychological research, you'll be prepared to earn your master's or doctorate in PhD or work in a range of industries after graduation.

Advanced Training

With a curriculum that lets you explore your own interests alongside classes in the core psychological disciplines, the master's in psychology program is ideal preparation for a doctoral degree or continued applied psychology training.

You'll lead your own research, work alongside our faculty experts, and gain invaluable experience while doing it.

Active Research

Our research interests range from processing anxiety and stress to how we understand language. We're committing to advancing the field of psychology through our rigorous research.

And there are student research opportunities available at every level, whether you're a first-semester freshman or a master's student.

Department of Psychology

In the Department of Psychology at UL Lafayette, we understand and embrace the diverse opportunities and possibilities that come from studying and researching humans, their actions, and what influences their behavior.

With options to pursue your undergraduate degree, master's degree, or minor in psychology, our programs will fit your interests and aspirations.

You'll dive deeper into a range of psychology sub-disciplines, work alongside faculty to conduct research and volunteer in labs, get involved in the community and join student organizations.

Learn more about our programs and join our community of scholars in the Department of Psychology today!

Research Findings