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Psychology Major

As a psychology major, you will learn about the various sub-disciplines within psychology, about the methods that psychologists use to study people, and about how the results of psychological research can help improve human lives.

In addition to learning about the field of psychology, you will have opportunities to hone your critical thinking, analytical, and writing skills. Your minor area of study will give you an opportunity to dive into another area of study and can complement your psychology major and help you become more competitive for your future career.

Undergraduate psychology majors, especially those planning to apply to graduate programs, are encouraged to take advantage of research experience opportunities by getting involved in professors’ research labs. Get involved in student organizations within the department to learn about career opportunities and community service opportunities.

Upon graduation, you will have the option to pursue higher education within psychology or a related field, to seek out entry-level jobs at agencies providing psychological services, or to pursue any of a variety of careers that require the skills developed through a liberal arts education.

Please note that the Psychology Major at UL Lafayette does NOT include an online option. Although some online classes are offered, it is not possible to complete all (or even most) degree requirements online. If you need a fully online schedule, you might consider the General Studies Online major, or one of the other online programs offered by UL Lafayette.

Learn more about the curriculum, career opportunities for psychology majors, and how students can get involved with research activities in the Department of Psychology.