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Process of Rehabilitation Outcome Laboratory

Our research lab – Process of Rehabilitation Outcomes (PRO) – uses a variety of research methodologies borrowed from psychology, criminology, medical sociology, and public health to examine (1) the process and outcomes of substance use treatment for criminal justice populations and general clinical samples, and (2) the relation between cognitive process, the self, and acceptance to change.

Currently, we are collaborating with two community agencies, Acadiana Treatment Recovery Center affiliated with Lafayette Parish Sheriff Office and Tyler Behavioral Health Clinic, and Lafayette Parish Sheriff Jail on examining (1) substance use treatment process and outcomes, and (2) the association of attachment, cognitive distortion, in-jail peer network, and treatment utilization for justice-involved individuals receiving jail-based addiction services. Students in the PRO lab also obtain hands-on experience in both qualitative and quantitative research. We are on the stage of data collection and processing. Information is upcoming regarding conference presentation and publication!

Dr. Yang and Dr. Perkins are co-mentoring the current research projects. The PRO lab is also in partnership with the Developmental Science Lab wherein Dr. Lin, Dr. MacGyvers, and Dr. Perkins, and Dr. Yang share several research interests and work together to support a variety of research projects involving several students.  Meanwhile, The PRO lab is also collaborating with Dr. Raymond Bigger and Dr. Craig Forsyth at Picard Center on research involving criminal justice and criminology.


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D. Rick Perkins, Yang Yang, Kalprina Williams, Nyeshia Harris, & Roman Curtis. (October, 2016). How Victimization Impacts Drug Treatment Motivation for Justice-involved Individuals: The Role of Peer Support and Distorted Thinking. Addiction Health Services Research in Seattle, WA on October 13-15.

Yang Yang, Michelle Grisham, D. Rick Perkins, Raymond Bissel, Shirden Tuberville, McKenzie Billeaudeaux, Rebecca Tacke. (October, 2016). The Divergence of Clients Passing Through a Drug Treatment Program: A Mixed-Methods Study on Factors Related to Treatment Completion and Recovery Progress. Addiction Health Services Research in Seattle, WA on October 13-15.

Opportunities for Students

If you are interested in being part of our research lab, please contact Dr. Yang via email or stop by the office in Girard Hall 313B. Please check out the flyer!