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Cognition and Psycholinguistics (CaP) Research Laboratory

The research conducted in the Cognition and Psycholinguistics (CaP) Research Lab explores through a variety of ongoing projects . . .

  • what people say,
  • why people say what they say,
  • how people understand what others have said, and
  • the ways in which what we say can have an influence on the way others think and behave.

Dr. Breaux’s main research interests involve exploring metaphors and the meanings of words from a cognitive perspective. 


Brooke O. Breaux, Ph.D., Cognitive Science

Lab Activities

Members of the CaP Research Lab include both undergraduate and graduate students interested in areas such as cognitive psychology and linguistics. We hold weekly lab meetings on Friday afternoons, and interested students are welcome to attend these meetings as guests as long as they contact Dr. Breaux in advance. Depending on your level of interest and available time, the CaP Research Lab offers a variety of different research opportunities. For more information, please contact Dr. Brooke Breaux via email ( or stop by Girard Hall 222B.

Current Research Questions


  • Do we really avoid using the words “death” and “dying” in literal ways? Do we really prefer the use of death-related metaphors, such as “passed away”? How does the use of either type of language affect people’s thoughts, feelings, and ability to cope with the death of a loved one?

  • Are death-related metaphors understood in the same way as other types of metaphors? Do death-related metaphors activate the same types of concepts as more literal language?

  • Are the metaphorical meanings of “in” (e.g., “in trouble”) and “on” (e.g., “on time”) related to the meanings of their spatial counterparts (e.g., “in a glass” and “on a table”, respectfully)?

  • What do people think the term “fake news” means? How does this term affect people’s responses to news media?

  • How does referring to anorexia as “having issues,” “a mental disorder,” or “a mental illness” change how people will think about a person who is labelled in these ways?


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