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Cross-Cultural & Community Psychology Lab

The Cross-cultural and Community Psychology (CCC lab) is interested in the study of and solutions to various community issues using a cross-cultural mindset and a cultural-sensitive perspective.

The first C stands for "cross" which means "intersection". It is the goal of the CCC lab to consider multiple dimensions of an issue. Of course, "cross" also refers to our interests in understanding how human behaviors, affects and thoughts influenced by different cultures.

The second C is "culture". The CCC lab is interested in cultural and cross-cultural research. Although the lab's primary focus is on the understanding of macro-cultures (e.g. cultures across countries, immigration, race/ethnicity, etc.), we are also open to study any type of micro-culture (i.e. subcultures within a macro culture). Students with an interest in a specific type of culture are very welcome.

The third C is "community". We are interested in understanding and helping community using community psychology approaches. Through the study of social and contextual influences, community psychology aims to improve community well-being, prevent social problems and promote community actions. In addition to community psychology, we employ theories of personality and social psychology to study various topics, such as place attachment, community engagement, violence and interpersonal relationships.

Examples of Peer-reviewed journal publications

  • Li, M., & Frieze, I. H. (2016). Developing civic engagement in university education: Predicting current and future engagement in community services. Social Psychology of Education, 19, 775-792.
  • Li, C., Zayed, K., Muazzam, A., Li, M., Cheng, J. & Chen, A. (2015). Motives for exercise in undergraduate Muslim women and men in Oman and Pakistan compared to the United States. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 71, 68-84.
  • Li, M., Frieze, I. H., & Cheong, J. (2014). The mediating role of place attachment on migration desire. Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 24, 1-17.
  • Li, M., Frieze, I. H., & Olson, J. (2013). Students’ study abroad plans: The influence of psychological factors. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, 13, 73-89.
  • Nguyen, T. T., Morinaga, Y., Frieze, I. H., Cheng, J., Li, M., Doi, A., Hirai, T., Joo, E., Li, C. (2013): College students’ perceptions of intimate partner violence: A comparative study of Japan, China and the United States. International Journal of Conflict and Violence, 7, 261-273.

Examples of Current projects

  • Cross-cultural study on second-generation immigrants’ community engagement
  • Death anxiety of college students in the US and India

How to get involved

Interested scholars and students are encouraged to email Dr. Manyu Li at Undergraduate and graduate independent study opportunities (with possibilities to present at national conferences and publish in academic journals!) are available.

Read more on The CCC Lab website.